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Thursday, 28 February 2013

Graduating Soon...

Well, I had finish my last paper earlier this week. Unofficially, I had graduated. :)

Time passes so fast. It was just like yesterday that I was invited to the Nanyang Polytechnic for a scholarship briefing and interview. The memory of first time in the school still fresh in my mind. Alone and helpless in this unfamiliar foreign environment ! Seriously, I still had this feeling even after staying here for almost 3 years. It was so hard for me to completely integrate into this materialist and meritocracy society.  

Now, everything seems to start all over again. 

I had to find a precision engineering job in 3 month time to serve for my 5 year bond. There will be a new environment waiting for me. Anxiety, helpless and loneliness getting stronger on my mind and throughout myself. I don't think that I had mentally prepare for the working life yet. :( 

no matter what happen
what challenge ahead me
I will try my best to face it and endure it
with the hope that I will not disappoint anyone
that trust and care about me.

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