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Friday, 25 January 2013

Short Update

Finally, I completed 3 modules of the diploma-plus programme. Wow, can't believe that I could endure to the end without giving up. Alright, I think I screwed up in the final exam just now. I could only answer one out of the four questions. I just hope that I can pass this module. Pray Hard.

Keep trying to see it, 
fight it and don't give up. 
Through the darkness 
you will eventually come to the light.

But you must endure through the downtime
Relying on something greater than yourself
something you can't see
something you can only hope for.

There is so much to be learned
during the downtime of life
Don't ever let downtime cause you
to crumble or quit


First time taking photo with eyes close, nice or not ?


小影 said...

Don't give up!!! =]

蓉儿 said...

your english is so good!kambateh!!!