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Friday, 25 January 2013

Short Update

Finally, I completed 3 modules of the diploma-plus programme. Wow, can't believe that I could endure to the end without giving up. Alright, I think I screwed up in the final exam just now. I could only answer one out of the four questions. I just hope that I can pass this module. Pray Hard.

Keep trying to see it, 
fight it and don't give up. 
Through the darkness 
you will eventually come to the light.

But you must endure through the downtime
Relying on something greater than yourself
something you can't see
something you can only hope for.

There is so much to be learned
during the downtime of life
Don't ever let downtime cause you
to crumble or quit


First time taking photo with eyes close, nice or not ?

Thursday, 17 January 2013


It had been more than a week since my last blog post. Never in my life, I feel so stress and under pressure before. 

Seriously, second half of final semester isn't easy to cope. I have totally 4 project to be submitted within next 2 week, all of them required some research, report writing, and presentation. Not mention about other weekly lab assignment and my diploma-plus module which going to have exam soon. Yet, I haven't touch any of the Thermofluids or thermodynamics note and tutorials. Some more, there will be common test and exam coming up on the following week. No more Chinese New Year for me I think. 

A good thing about this is most of the assignment are work in group. So, the workloads is being distributed among us. Else, I can't imagine how I gonna cope with all this. I could expect that this will be the same scenario when I working in next few months. So, I will try my best to cope with the stress and working pressure as well as balancing my work-personal life at the same time. 


Everything will be alright soon. ^^

Monday, 7 January 2013

First Post of 2013

I supposed to write this on the first day of new year, but it seems that I am too busy with something and someone until I can't find a time. Life had been difficult for me so far and I guess 2013 will be another challenging year with more challenge coming up. For sure, there will be a lot of life decision to be made this year. 

Alright, first post of new year should start with a new year resolution. After thinking so many day, I don't really have any great resolution, I could feel that my future is as grey as my blog here. :( Whatever it is, here is my new year resolution.

  1. Eat more and gain more weight. 
  2. Earn and save more money. Spend not more than 50 dollar a week.
  3. Graduate with a good result. (GPA not less than 3.80)
  4. Quit engineering. Study part time in other area after graduate.
  5. More blog post and networking.
  6. Get my life back !

That's all I can think of, hope I can achieve that. Don't feel surprised that I gonna quite engineering. After so many year of study especially after internship, suddenly I realized that we should not let our interest to become a responsibility or job that stress us everyday. I love engineering, I love physics and mathematics and I hope I can keep it as an interest. An interest that people will go after when they felt so stress and hopeless. 

When you put people on the selection
People might do the same on you too 
Nevertheless, never let go of your dream :)

If you want to find someone 
that love you more than himself
then be prepared to lost him 
when he choose to sacrifice himself 
instead of saving himself