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Thursday, 11 October 2012

Final Semester

Few more day 
and new semester will be start

Another chapter of my life 
will soon begin
Even last chapter of my life
seems not even end yet....

Final semester. The Toughest One.
I hope I able to complete it 
I hope I still able to breath in the air 
to face the challenge, the challenge of life.

 I am not sure if I still alive by then...

Brought the lecture note this afternoon
Not that thick compare to last few semester
but the reality and life experience had taught me that 
Don't ever judge the book by its cover...

Professional and Interpersonal communication skills
I had a strong feeling that this will be my killing subject
after failing to score well in the 
Communication Skills module during Year 1

Advance Molding & Tool design
The module that always cause me to lost confidence 
but give me the strength to continue fighting for life 
Just to prove that I am not that bad too ~
Seriously, Molding had taught me the value of friendship. 
Yet, I am not sure if I choose the right path by then...

Last but not least, Advance Metrology and TQM
A module that might expose my weakness to other
even I try my best to hide it, overcome it
I still remember the scene
When no chance is given to me
When no trust is given to me

Final Semester,
last semester before graduate
I hope I able to complete it
I hope I able to breath in the air
to face the challenge, the challenge of life.

And the reality as well as the ending 
of my last chapter of life....

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