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Saturday, 11 August 2012

Intern Experience

It had been so long I didn't blog
Life become so busy and wonderful recently
Personal life as well as Intern life...

Next week will be my last week of internship 
@Flextronic, a stupid and boring place >.<
Seriously, I am not feeling anything at all...

12 weeks seem so long yet pass so fast...
Another chapter of my life will come to the end soon
with some life experience that I never expected

Never thought that I can learn so much thing here
not any technical knowledge that I expected 
But some soft skills and social skills 
and reality of life which are more valuable 

Never thought of working in this multi-national office
with Singaporean Manager, Supervisor from India, 
Colleague from Philippine and Sri Lanka
as well as Operator from China and Malaysia
Not forgetting my intern-mate from Taiwan too :)
No racist, No discrimination....

Never thought that this is how they manage the company
appreciate everyone and keep improving them...
It is quite shocking when one of my colleague told me 
that she is one of the operator working in the production line..
No wonder they are the second largest electronic manufacturer in the world

Life is unexpected...
So don't expect it, but enjoy it.

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Cʜᴀɴᴇʟ.C said...

what do you do @ Flextronics? Do Comment my blog post too

Miss Jung Chanelette