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Sunday, 1 July 2012

The Amazing Spiderman

watching <The Amazing Spiderman>
with someone special... :)

This movie was totally out of my expectation..

From the traitor, 
I thought that the movie is about Peter Parker's lost parent
and his childhood story...

But it seems like they 
changed the whole story of Spiderman

I know it is a reboot series, 
but they should not change Peter Parker's lover from MJ to Gwen
and where is my favorite quote "Great power comes with Great Responsibility" ?

But nevertheless,
This movie still awesome and amazing...
Especially the part where Spiderman get shoot by police
when he try to get to Oscorp to save his lover and entire city..

No matter how strong you are
You will get hurt too and
 just unable to complete what you want to do
Sometimes, you just need other's help...

Another part that touch me was the ending..
when Captain George asked Peter Parker to leave Gwen

Every parent will worry about their child,
That's why I choose to wait until my case was over...
It might took time, but I want to give your parent
an assurance that I will not harm you and 
able to take care of you :)

Enjoy the traitor :)

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