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Monday, 25 June 2012

My Story @NYPBS #1

I still remember that night when I insomnia. Not because there is exam tomorrow, or anything else, but I was thinking whether I should take any committee position in any club or society in this school. By that time, I had resign most of my committee position in the school which include Community Service Club and other club as well. I would like to focus on my study especially when I decide to take on Diploma Plus Programme.

The next day was Friday. There is Buddhist Society meeting that day where next batch of committee will be announced. Just before meeting start, I told Jessie that I might don't want to take any position anymore. She didn't said anything as everyone stepping into the club room. Meeting started. New committee position was revealed and I was quite shocked. I was thinking something when Jessie ask me, "Do you still want to give up ?"  Without any moment of thought, I said, "Ok la, I take the post."

Judging from the committee list, I think I had no choice as I had responsibility not to let this society down.

Our first task was selecting a new sub-committee member and prepare for the next General Meeting. We decide to have interview as there is overwhelming response from the ground. Although I was a bit oppose the interview method to select sub-committee. As in my point of view, candidate tends to said something that is good about themselves only (and we do not know is true or not) and talk something that they unable to do during interview sessions. Also, talented people sometimes are not able to be judged by the way or the content they talk. 

Friday, 22 June 2012







Thursday, 21 June 2012

Life is unexpected

Life is unexpected
You don't know what will happen 
on next minute...

you just can't run away..
but had to face it..

Whether you are right or wrong
Don't blame the god
you just need to continue breathing


enjoying this wonderful life...
that million people are dying for it

Sunday, 3 June 2012

First week @ Flextronic

It had been one week since I attach to Flextronic

May be I just the intern only
They assigned me the most easiest and basic job