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Thursday, 24 May 2012

Last Day of FYP

will be my last day of FYP
last day @S130 

Still remember first week of project
where all of us had been told to report 
as early as 8.30 am

Still remember the day I report to S130
where I didn't bring any note pad 
and water bottle as well... -.-
And I don't even know how to use Allen key

Still remember that I cut my hand
while cleaning the injection barrel..
and injured my palm when accidentally 
touch on that heated mold plate...

Still remember that I braced myself up
to become the instructor teaching all my fellow friends 
the operation of machine even I don't perform very well...

Still remember the day 
where I print out 200+ pages report...
the satisfaction that can felt until today 

Finally, it comes to the end.
I will definitely miss this.
but I shall move on 
to my next chapter of life —— IAP

Thank You 
Mr. Warren and Mr Song
for guiding me along the way

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