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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Happy Teacher Day

There is one Malay teacher
who teaches me chemistry before..

I still remember, 
I don't really like her or respect her at all

Not because she is Malay...
But because I think that 
she don't know how to teach at all ~

Often I skipped her class
Even I was in the class, 
I do other works instead of listening 
and I never do the homework given

I think I am smarter than her
because I can study without her aid, without her note,
or even listen to her poor teaching skill ...

Not knowing that 
I able to do all this because of her 
I learn how to study with my own effort 
without I realize it...

Until one day 
when I lost everything
school, teacher, and classmate..
when I had to study independently....

I am glad that she don't know how to teach
I am glad that I hate her at first
I am glad that I trying to prove that I am smarter than her

is not just about teaching...
but exist just to made u learn something...
even they had to face our humiliation ...
even they never gain our respect...

Thank you, Miss Barridah 


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