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Saturday, 21 April 2012

Teaching Experience

Yesterday was my first time conducting a lesson...

Life is unpredictable :)
I never thought that I will teaching one day

So nervous at first as I don't know how to start the lesson..
when all my student are there staring at me...
Feel so weird when your student was your course mate/class mate
just last semester >.<

But after sometimes, I get used to it..
Trying my best to explain everything that I know
Although I do not know everything la :P
Feel so bad that I can't really answer 
some of the question throw out to me..

And I know my English and Communication skills are not that good
Stuck sometimes when I can't find a word to describe what I actually meant
My brain totally blank :(

But it is a good thing when 
You know what you don't know, right ?

1 comment:

xiao P 笑屁blue diary said...

but it's a good experience. u can trian urself 2 be more brave n increase ur communication skills.
i think u will feel better after some days, haha~