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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Resume for IAP

Still busy for FYP... :( 
Hardly find a time for blogging..

By the way
Just finish my resume for IAP
will upload to the school net tomorrow
Going for attachment soon...

Just realize that 
I don't really know myself
Took nearly 2 day to complete 
the "Report of Myself"...

Photo that I used for the resume...

Taken 3 year ago...
wonder if school accept it..
(look stupid but I don't care xD )

Feel that this few week quite fulfilling
Learn a lot of thing...
Experience a lot of thing too
Life is not easy at all..
Reality is not about black and white
but grey covered with some mist...

I don't know that if I am ready for all this...

May be I should stop thinking of potential problem
and stop acting engineer in my fucking life....

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