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Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Structural Training

Today was the third day of  
Structural Training
which is the first phrase of 
Final year project

The Structural Training 
is so boring and
tiring as nothing much to do
and we don't really know how to do... 

The lecture is disappear here and there
wondering what he busy of 

He told us to do report today but ask us to 
 search everything from Google..LOL
Ends up everyone copy and paste 

Some of the work in past three day

Game controller


First two is the plastic product without mould insert...

Mould Insert of mdp_Tray

 Mould insert manually created...
and it take more than 3 hour

Mould insert of mdp_dryer

This mould insert created using 
mold wizard of NX7.5
in less than 30 minute :P

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