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Saturday, 24 March 2012


I going to take 
NAPFA test soon.

NAPFA basically stand for
National Physical Fitness Award
and is a physical test for Singaporean
whereby those who obtain gold/silver
can enjoy two-month exemption for their NS

Since I am not Singaporean
and not going for Singapore NS
but I also need to take this test

Because NYP made it compulsory 
for all the student 
regardless nationality and gender
and the NAPFA result 
will be reflected in the result slip 

So no choice, 
I had to take this test...
If not, I won't waste my energy
to take this stupid test...
(Actually I don't have much energy...)

Requirement for NAPFA 

The test will be on 16 May 2012
and it is the same week for my
Final Year Project Presentation...