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Friday, 16 March 2012

End of Structural Training

Finally I update my blog.....
This whole week really tired 

Structural Training is not a joke..
8.30 am to 6 pm everyday

At least 
this week training is better than last week
I don't need to use UG and Moldflow 
Kinda phobia to this two software...LOL

I was doing the research on COP Plastics
A plastic that used to make camera lens 
and some medical device...
This plastic is really superior in term of optical properties...
But 1 kg of COP costs around 50 dollar SGD

No wonder one camera lens can cost thousand dollar..

Today was the presentation of COP research

A bit nervous but everything go quite smooth

School invite Japanese robotic company 
to teach us how to programme the robotic arm..
Took some time to understand the Japanese English.. 
used by the Japanese guy

That robot quite easy to programme
Just some of the feature is in Japanese Language day, I gonna make a machine
and make some feature in Malay  


We were exposed to the assembly of mould
The mold assembly took almost the whole day...

Being a Mold Maker is not that easy...

This core insert cost about few hundred dollar
Mounting of Mould to the Machine
This Moulding Machine cost around 265k 

Medical part produced


The school initially plan to invite 
some Hot-Runner Mold Expert 
to give us some exposure on industry practice 
But the guy forgot about this and go to JB...LOL

End up we do some documentation 
and research for mini project...

My topic of this mini project is
Optical Properties of Lens

Look simple but quite tough..
compared to COP
Feel like my research are pointless...
although I spent whole day 
searching information about lens.. 


Today was quite boring...
School invite some industry expert again..
A sales engineer from a Pressure sensor company..

can't believe that a micro sensor can cost around 2K..

Another guy is from drying membrane company..
The presentation skill of this guy making everyone sleepy..

But at least better than me..LOL

Afternoon was the presentation of mini-project
and that make the ends of Structural training..


P/S: Sorry for long post and the use of some engineering term here

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