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Sunday, 4 March 2012

Chalet@NSRCC - Part 2

Second day of chalet
Most of us wake up around 10am
as last night we all sleep after 1 am 

Nothing much left for breakfast...
The only food we have is bread, egg 
and some Maggie mee 
so we decide to havescramble egg 

After some light breakfast..
We watch Tom and Jerry in CN channel..
while some of us playing DOTA game

Having lunch around 1pm 
at one of the western restaurant
The food so expensive yet so salty... 
They even charge for the chili sauce 

After the lunch..
They going to swimming pool

But I didn't join them since I can't swim...

Fire is on...

Watch some TV show
and then helping other set up for barbeku...
Unlike last time, we buy more quality charcoal and starter
so we able to set up the fire in shorter time..

Barbeku time...

Sky start to rain 
when we start barbeku...OMG 
We still laugh at other who having barbeku the day before 
when rain start to pour down while we having our steamboat..:P

At last we order pizza hut..
I don't know the pizza contain beef 
until Eunice told me
OMG..I allergic to beef since young
But, I was fine and nothing happen to me 

Took the class photo after barbeku...
Although not everyone here

--- THE END ---

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