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Monday, 6 February 2012

Last Day for DP1001...

Today was the last day
 for DP1001
Last lecture and last tutorial 

After this
All of us will be separated 
into different class
According to our module elective
 and study path

I still remember the date.
The day where we meet each other

 I reported to NYP and
my mentor, Lim Siang Heng
give me and Chia Hao a time table and said

"This is your time-table, your class is D1, u can go to class now."

I was stunned at that time for few second  
WTF, I don't even buy my lecture note yet ><
This scene still fresh in my mind
and it just like happen yesterday morning

Class photo taken during com-skill during semester 2

Time passes damn fast @@
Can't believe we had been together...for 2 year 
from the first day in 2010 until today
Feel a bit sad actually
There is a lot of memory in this class

We might not meet again after this
I hope that we won't forget each other
even after 10 year or 20 year...
I wish all of us 
All the best in the future


I'м Yen said...

珍惜哦 :)))

Loo Yee said...

哈哈,那当然 xD