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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Financial Test

Long time didn't update the blog
Feel so sad when
the blog view keep dropping : (

As I mention,
I got plenty of test and exam
So I got no time to blog and 
nothing to blog too other than study 

Today got financial test....
Is a GS module
so I didn't study at all =P

I took accounting in SPM
Today test shouldn't be that bad

At least I still know about
 balance sheet, asset, liabilities 
what is bond, stock, unit trust, REIT
and so on.....

Somehow, I don't understand
Why NYP ask engineer student to 
study financial thingy ??
Not related at all >.<

Just Realize that January ended
Time pass damn fast
2012 left 11 month to go...

Study Study Study

 Tomorrow got machining test
Good luck for me :D


I'м Yen said...

jiayou !!!! ^^

Loo Yee said...

Thanks you xD

Cocoeriley said...


Loo Yee said...

是啊,我还在读书 :D

xiao P 笑屁blue diary said...

work har n all the best miss loo yee XD

Loo Yee said...

thanks :)