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Friday, 17 February 2012

Congratulation ~~

OIPP listing is out
Congratulation to all 
Top Student and Singaporean 
who are in the list 

I am not in the list
as expected
so I don't feel so sad

But I feel dissapointed about NYP
Those who work so hard and score 4.0 
in 3 consecutive semester 
are not in the list
Yet those who never attend interview
are selected
I wonder how they select the people

Too bad ~
This is their meritocratic country 
which practice much more Transparency
as well as Accountability and Credibility

Life still go on ~
 to those who selected 

Saya hanyalah Pendatang
Tumpang kat pulau ni 8 tahun aje
kalau tak suka, boleh balik Malaysia


xiao P 笑屁blue diary said...

hahaha, work hrder.
maybe u in the list nxt time?

Loo Yee said...

Haha..thanks :)

But no use to work harder.To get into the list, just need to maintain a good "relationship" and "networking" with lecturer and director...who care u have GPA 4.0..