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Saturday, 7 January 2012

Shopping in the crowded Bugis

Going to Bugis after having lunch in school
MRT so slow and crowded today >.<
Takes me more than 1 hour to reach Bugis.
Bugis even crowded with people
Everyone shopping for coming CNY

Meeting my relatives for a while 
After that I shopped in Bugis Junction
First time in my life,  I shop in crowd
I thought of going home at first, 
But I didn't.....

I buy two new cloth for myself
Almost all shop here are selling female cloth
left only 3 or 4 shop having male cloth 
I wonder why ?

I buy a new bag for myself too
cost me SGD 50.00 !!

and a wallet
This wallet cost me 29.90 SGD

Meeting some DPE junior after that
They must be come after NPES Seminar, I think.
Decide to walk around before I go off

OMG ! 
I notice that a guy molest a girl wearing skirt
He put his hand on girl's ass 
in the crowd
I wonder why the girl didn't notice that
May be she just too busy shopping for cloth, I think

I try to approach him, but failed to do so
He disappear in crowded when I try to get near to him

 Girl, Beware when u shop in Bugis Junction 
Especially in crowded area!!!

Taking MRT home
MRT is not crowded 
I just took half an hour
to get back to Ang Mo Kio

Having dinner in AMK Hub before go back home.

.................THE END.................

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Anonymous said...

So enjoy ah....