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Sunday, 1 January 2012

First day of 2012

Wake up as early as 7.30am
Feel great as today is the first day of 2012
Washing my bed-sheet and pillow case
Sweep and mop the floor after that..
My room seems so dirty
I think last time I cleaned my room was 2 month ago...

took a picture of my room after I clean the room

I can't believe I just create 3 bag of rubbish


Going to Larkin after breakfast
It just 3 week before CNY holiday and the ticket almost sold out..
luckily I still can get one..
If not I had to celebrate Chinese New Year oversea

OMG ! The ticket fare increase from RM 16.50 to RM 18.40


Alice said...

Happy New Year Loo Yee~wish u all the best in 2012;P

Yeo Loo Yee said...