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Monday, 2 January 2012

New Year New Resolution

2012 already
New Year must come with new resolution..
I had think through this few day...

Here is some of my resolution for 2012

Better Performance in Academic Matter

It seems like I had lost my track and direction
Motivation as well last year...
My GPA keep dropping..
This year, I going to make sure my GPA up again..
I will focus more time in study especially Diploma-Plus Module..

Co-curriculum and Social life

Just like last year, I will continue to inactive in school co-curriculum
Most probably, I will active in Buddhist Society only.
This year, I planned to join some organization outside the school
Either in Malaysia or Singapore and contribute something to society 
I also think of joining political party like DAP or PKR 
But the Scholarship Agreement doesn't allow me to involve in any political activities 


Last time I take my weight was around 50kg++ and I am under weight
I hope I able to increases my weight to 60kg in this year..
so I had to eat more and exercise more..
I think I didn't go for any sport since I am done with my NS last year

Family, Friendship and Love

For this year, I will going back to my hometown, Segamat
at least once a month so that I have more time with family
I think I had used to being alone since I came to Singapore
But I hope to make more friend this year..
For relationship, I think what happen in past is not importance anymore
And I am ready for a new relationship

That's all about my new year resolution
I hope I able to achieve that..

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