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Thursday, 26 January 2012

Just Imagine a world without all these

OMG !!

Can't log in to Facebook
and Twitter 
at the same time...
Hotmail/MSN too 

Feel kinda speechless 
Right now 
= =""|

Facebook is under maintenance 

Why every site having
maintenance right now ??

I didn't notify anything
I just can't log in >.< 

May I know what is the problem here ? O.o

I still able to log in to Blogger
and write something about it

Just Imagine a world
without all these site
No Facebook
No Twitter
No Hotmail/MSN


zeus said...

conspiracy theory...Facebook will cooperate with Google in dominate the world...Facebook store your data and Google Map/Earth locate you. When they find you are the threat to the world, they will send cyber-robot to kill you, people who do not plays Facebook will save the world. ^^

Loo Yee said... I should stop playing facebook ??

zeus said...

depends on you whether want to continue to save the world or not. If you choose to save the world, usually you will be awarded a hot girl or something, she(if you lucky enough will be 'they' ^^) will accompany you in saving the world...
(for more information, please refer the movie Termination 3 and 4 or Transformer 1,2,3)