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Saturday, 21 January 2012

Journey to the Segamat

Class ended as early as 2 pm
So I leaving Singapore around 3 pm

As it was CNY eve, I expect that custom
Will crowded with people
But I was wrong
Situation in Singapore Custom @4.15pm
I just took 2 hour to pass both check-points
which are quite impossible 
Last year CNY, I took nearly 4 hour 
and I almost miss my bus >.< 

I Reach Larkin around 5.30pm 
My bus ticket was 8.30pm 
I got 3 hour to spend 

So I decided to take dinner first
This food is known as Roti Canai 
In Singapore, they called it Prata 
I think Malaysia Roti Canai taste better than Singapore one  ^^

It was 6.30pm after my dinner
So, I decided to explore around Larkin 
for the next 2 hour

I just realize that 
There is a lot of shop behind Larkin Sentral
and on the second floor too ~.~

Time passes quite fast
It was 8.15pm when I finish 
my window shop

It was my first time taking night bus 
The traffic quite smooth except at some place
 where accident and police road block

Reach Segamat Safely @12.00 am
Seems like Segamat still full with car around
Am I just sleep until next morning once I reach home