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Thursday, 1 December 2011


Receive a message during Math tutorial..
The message sound that..
"You had been shortlisted for OIPP...
...Please attend the briefing and interview..."

I stunned for few second
when I was reading this...
I thought I am dreaming 

Surprisingly I had been shortlisted
for this Oversea Industry Placement Project
which allow me to fly to Europe
which I never think of it

Although it just interview only
but it is more than enough
As I don't think I have any chance to be selected 
There is a lot of competition
and yet there is only 30 place only

But I will surely try my best
to pass my interview
Good luck
 for my interview next Tuesday...


Valentina said...

Good luck for you... just like your name have 'hao yi tou'... +U I'll always support you here...

Loo Yee said...

I will try my best