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Saturday, 31 December 2011

Little Change for the Blog

I had made little change in this blog.There is some feature missing, and there is some new feature 

New Comment Box

I had add Facebook Comment Box in my post

For the non-Facebook user, you can always comment my post using other login provider(Yahoo, Hotmail) or you can leave your comment on the Shoutmix chat box on the right of the post.

Follower Blog

I would like to thanks all my reader and follower who visit my blog. I had add a new gadgets on the right of the blog to show all my follower blog. If you want you blog to be listed, you can leave your blog on the the Shoutmix chat box or follow my blog.

Page Break and Welcome Note

Finally, I had add the page break on my post so that I can put more post in my main page. Also I had disable the welcome note feature who some of the reader think that it is annoying.

There is other feature that I still working on.You can always feed back and suggest me for further improvement.

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