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Saturday, 31 December 2011

Good Bye 2011 and Welcome 2012

Today is the last day 
for year 2011
First time in my life
I celebrate my new year oversea

Look through 2011
and think through carefully
This year seems so smooth to me..
Compared to 2010 and 2009
which is high peak of my life

I think I change a lot this year
and learn a lot of thing this year..

This is the year 
I spend most of the time in Singapore
Studying in Singapore isn't so great anymore
Realize that Moon in Singapore is just as round as Malaysia
I think I had totally adapt to the life and people here
Singapore had become my second home

I don't think I excel in my study this year..
My GPA drop from 4.00 to 3.92 and right now 3.88
And I no longer in Director List..
I doubt if I able to get OIPP next year..
But, what made me feel not so bad is 
I score A in Applied Calculus 
where I am one of the four student 
who score A in this Diploma-plus module 

This is the year 
where I quit almost all my Co-Curriculum Activities (CCA) 
and become less active in that
Not just because I need more time for my study
But also I can't get enough satisfactions from them
If compare to my secondary school CCA

Thing that still remain the same is
I still prefer alone and I still single
2011 had come to the ends
what happen had happen 
and no point for regret 
we had to look into the future

Good Bye 2011
 welcome 2012


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