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Sunday, 25 December 2011

Christmas Movie

Rain poured down almost everyday
since I back from Singapore
Everyone wonders if there will flood or not
The way of Segamat River rise and fall
just like Bursa Malaysia indicator
I guess no one in Segamat have mood for christmas

For me,
I never celebrate christmas before
May be because I am Buddist
So no big deal whether I celebrate christmas or not

I guess this year Christmas as well
Going for midnight movie with family 
at LFS Cinema which just open recently.. 

The midnight movie is full of people
which I feel surprised of..
May be there is no Cinema here
for more than 10 year..

Watching horror movie, 2359
in the midnight is not a joke..
It somehow look more scary... 

I wish all my friend and all the my blog reader
Merry Christmas..
hohoho ~