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Sunday, 27 November 2011

Test ~

It has been long time
I did not write anything here
Quite busy this few week

It will be more busy next week
There is 2 test going on
QPC Test
Advance Mechanic Test
which are more than enough 
to kill me down

I am tired right now
busy studying and revision
even Saturday and Sunday
which I usually go back 
to my lovely hometown, Segamat...

Is good to have a busy life
at least I will not feel alone
and will not miss you...

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Malaysia had won


Few day ago,
An image circulating around the website
It is believe that three guy in the picture
are "Malaysia Supporter" from Indonesia

It seems that Indonesia are so poor 
until their kid had to cover their body 
with Jalur Gemilang, Malaysia National Flag !

Thanks to these three poor guy,
for giving us lots of "Moral Support"
Malaysia now had won the football games 
against Indonesia in SEA Games

We had won not just the game
but our pride as Malaysia...

Congratulation, Malaysia

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Am I Dare Enough to Do This ?

In past 3 day
I loitering around
the stair between TFA and Library
looking up the sky and floor
pressing my hand-phone 
so that I will not look awkward.. 

Fighting with my mind...

My Right mind told me that
"You should donate blood"
But, My Left mind told me that
"You can't, you so skinny 
and you iron level not enough"

Tomorrow will be the last day 
for Blood Donation Drive in TFA...
Can my right mind win my left ??
I wonder..
Am I dare enough to do all this ?

Monday, 14 November 2011


Today is SPM
too bad I am not candidate
as I am two years ago...

Everyone can have only one chance
If you miss it, then you miss it forever...

Somehow, I think of myself...
Can't imagine that I so dare taking 12 subject 
including Chinese literature 
even everyone think my Chinese subject are poor... 

My ego are no more right now...

I never regret of doing that
when I get both B+ in Malay and English
Losing the chance of getting JPA scholarship
enter Matriculation and much more...

This is me..
Once you decide, do it and don't regret

And something happens...
History created for my life
for my family and for the school...
When I am one of the only 1% candidate
of Chinese Literature who get highest distinction, A+

When you put in effort, no matter how weak you are
You sure can make a difference
Don't you agree ??

I wish all SPM candidate all the best...

Sunday, 13 November 2011

First Love ~~

Time passes...
It has been 4 year
After I end my first love
Just because of a book
We do quarrel but we end peacefully

I would like to thank her for everything she did
And say sorry for everything I done..

I miss her and hope to meet her again 
but I don't think I still love her
Still, I will keep our memory in my mind

As people said
"First Love is always the best and most memorable
and ending it is always most painful"

I agree with that...
And I admit that somehow,
I tend to compare every girl I meet
with her...
May be that is the reason I still single right now...

Friday, 11 November 2011

I Did It At Last

Today is the day
DPEConnect and Impact Day...
111111, this special date for all of us
all DPEians especially the performer 

I am glad to be one of performer
And after a lot of training and preparation
which are full of joy and sorrow
and of course quarrel too ~
We finally made it, 

Today is so special and memorable for me 
not just because we made an awesome history for DPE
and make our teacher and lecture "hao lian"
But, I actually skipped class for the show..
which I can't really believe that I did it at last..

YES, I skipped Advance Mechanic class...
and I am not regret about it 
I think is worth to do that...


What Happen to My Toilet Bowl...

Wake up @8.30am...
Although my alarm start making noise 
as early as seven

Stepped into washroom
Brush my teeth, take a bath
and do some "business"

Look down and 
I got a SHOCKED !!


No matter how many times I flushed 
Blue water still coming out....
I thought I am dreaming
when looking at it..

I wear my spec and took the picture
Oh My God !
I awake right now...

Can anyone explain this to me ??

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

They Never Appreciate

Somehow I feel that
no matter in which lecture
the lecture theater are getting noisy and noisy
until sometimes I can't really concentrate well

I know some lecture are boring and 
made people feel sleepy
and people just start talking among themselves
If you think you are brilliant enough and need to talk, 
can you please do it in low volume ??
and try not to laugh, is not funny at all...

What I feel is that, 
When lecture are talking and someone are talking
They are not just not respect the lecture
at the same time their friend too ~

Probably they doesn't lost a teacher 
or a chance to study before
just like what I experience sometime ago
so they never appreciate what they have right now...

I am not trying to criticize 
This just what I am feeling right now
and Guest what I am thinking right now?
 I miss Cheam Shuning's lecture right now :(

Sunday, 6 November 2011

I Need More Holiday ~

Tomorrow is Hari Raya Haji
So is public holiday
Some of my course-mate going home
Since there is 3-day holiday include Saturday and Sunday
But I didn't as I got a lot of work to do

There is Mechanical Design Drawing
There is QPC Report
There is Thermofluids Assignment 
There is Advance Mechanic Tutorial
There is test for Math and A.Mechanic 
and seriously I need to study for other module too~

What make my life worst is
I am not feeling well
I think I am sick right now
My nose is blocked by unknown fluid
and I am sleepy right now ~

3-day holiday seems not enough for me
I need more time to work and to rest
I hope I able to survive
and complete all my task
before this short holiday end ~

I Seriously Need More Holiday ~~