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Saturday, 29 October 2011

When Organizer become Camper...

I still go to the camp
As participant,
Not organizer, Nor Helper…

Being the only Year 2 Camper,
With some camp organizing experience in this school
I notice a lot of thing and mistake
Which never been take note by camp organizer,
Even when I organize a camp…

When you are organizer,
Sometimes you think it is right and supposed to be
But in the view of camper,
It is quite ridiculous and hard to accept…

You will sure not think of this question
if you are just merely a camper
Without organizing experience

Only when you are camper
You will experience it yourself
Feel it and observe it…
Discover it with your organizer mind
And you will realize what problem had occur
And what thing goes wrong…

I shall not comment further,
Knowing that this is ridiculous to them…
They will not accept it
Without trying and experienced it by their own
And to avoid,
Someone called me with a question why…

I really glad that I overcome myself
and join this camp...

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