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Friday, 28 October 2011

Should I go to the Camp ??

I address myself as DPEians..
with bit of DPE spirit
ready to make little contribution...

There is a camp
by DPE and for DPE
known as Survival Camp..

I am not the organizer,
and I am not the helper/faci too...
too bad I just a participant,
one of two Year 2 participant..

I can't really describe the feeling right now,
and a question keep appearing in my mind,
"Should I go to the Camp ?" 

Reason for not going so simple,
Somehow, I feel not invited...
when most of my course-mate was helper
and I just participant
Some-more, I do not get any update from the organizer...
I doubt they know how to organize a camp...

I keep telling myself,
that I'm DPEians,
and no matter what role I play
What importance is enjoy what you really are right now..

But, can I really enjoy ??
I wonder...

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