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Saturday, 8 October 2011

New Semester ~.~

Holidays will be end in 2 weeks time,
Although I not really enjoy and even feel a bit of boring,
I guess at least I have some rest for my body and minds...

New semester's time table will soon release,
I hope there will not be a night class for me,
But even if my class get it, 
I don't think is a problem for me.

A busy poly life will soon begin,
Core Module and Diploma Plus,
Plus the CCA stuff will sure flooding me again...
Day and Night.

Is time to go back to that stressful class,
facing the selfish classmate,
and the lame and unskilled lecturers,
In the school compound that I familiar,
and known as second home...

The only hope for me right now is,
Hoping that I will not trapped
 in this stupid and 'kiasu' island forever...

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