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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Leader is not easy

come from the work 'lead'
is not for name,
is not for power,
or is not for money...

is not chosen to work as boss
is not the one who can give order only

Leader is human too
so act as human...
but more than human

Leader is member too
so act as member...
think as member
and don't let member work for you
but make them work together with you...

If they refuse to work together with you
Think the reason why..
Is your problem or member problem ?
if only one member do that,
may be is he/she's problem
but if more than one member doing that
may be is yours problem..

Just remember, Leader,
Member are the most importance friend
which help you, support you
You are not leader if there is no member
as there is no one to lead

You are NOTHING if there is no member

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