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Tuesday, 25 October 2011


My landlord ask me,
whether I can pay this month rental fee in advance..
He said he need money urgently.
I agree without thinking any much.

Took 400 dollar from nearest ATM 
I think this is the cheapest rent 
in this high population island...

I still remember
when I was in vacation last semester
I off to my hometown for 8 week...
Is this Indian family who clean and tidy up my room...
While other of my Malaysia friend
had to spend few day cleaning up their dusty room
after their holiday....
and yet their rental fee is higher than me...
and their landlord are more "Singaporean"

Kinda feel great to meet this landlord and his family
Kind, less stingy and more understanding...
I wish they will have a happy life 
and hope god will bless them in any way...

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