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Sunday, 9 October 2011

It Just A Name Only

A planning committee for an event 
asking me about the budget for the event...

It had been 3 month plus,
Since I take over the treasurer position, 
But, I think It just only the name only...

Please don't ask me how was the financial status of the club,
Please don't ask me how much money we had in bank 
or even ask me how much cash do I hold in hand

I do not hold any financial document and report,
I do not know about club's financial status...
and I can't process a receipt by my own

I just know that we are having a deficit right now...
and I had been ask to outline a budget to 2 upcoming event

I feel funny and speechless right now,
Who can actually do all this without knowing the financial status,
without knowing how much we have,
how much we can spend,
and how much we able to earn back
and can we survive in future with current situation

Then, I had been given 3 sub-com under me,
Purpose ? To train them so that one of them able to take over the jobs
But, without holding anything and knowing anything,
how the hell I gonna train them and see their performance  

Then I had been told that,
Our bank account is controlled by Alumni
A group of people who no longer the Management Committee 

Then we had been ask to pressurize them so they will surrender out the account
And may I know what is the result ??
What is the current situation right now ??

I am just treasurer...
But just the name only...
Can anyone answer me ??

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