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Thursday, 20 October 2011

I am Malaysian

I look a bit dark
Sometimes, people just misunderstanding,
Thinking that I am Malay or Myanmar…

There is an interesting story
It happens during fasting month last year in JB,
When I was about to order food in a Malay stall
The mamak guy there ask me
“U tak puasa arh ? “ (You didn’t fasting?)
I smile to him and said with a Chinese tone
“Saya bukan Islam la..” (I am not Muslim)
He realize that I am Chinese and quickly apologize to me..

If these thing happens few year back,
When I still reading local newspapers,
I think I won’t answer him with a smile…
For sure, I will scold him
And just walk away
Facebook and Twitter him as “stupid”

The journey to Singapore
had totally change my view and perspective…
In this multiracial island just like Malaysia,
People will only ask you whether you are Singaporean or foreigner
And you will for sure not reply them as “I am Chinese”
But ”I am Malaysian” instead…
Even when people think that you are Malay,
 You will not angry at all…
This is the racial harmony that never felt in Malaysia.

I am not totally Chinese,
My dad and Mom is Chinese
So do My grandfather..
But my grandmother is from Indonesia
A Chinese Indonesian…
I supposed that there is some Jawa Blood
That’s why I born with a bit of Malay look…
By the way, I am fine with the look,
Only when I identify me as Malaysian…


Panda Xiao Wong said...

I always have same experience with you~~
many time many ppl ask me "you are malay?"
or chinese ppl talking to me in BM==

Loo Yee said...

Really ?? But you didn't look like Malay at all...:)

Panda Xiao Wong said...

Really~ But because of my skin colour like Malay ,then i speaking chinese to them..they suprise and apologise to me~~hahahaXD