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Saturday, 26 November 2016


It had been a terrible months for me since I quit my technical sales job in Singapore and back to my hometown in Malaysia. I always wondering what and where should I go next. It seems that I am so clueless about my future and careers paths I should take. 

Yes. I am holding an advance double diploma in Digital and Precision Engineering from Nanyang Polytechnic and will obtaining a Bachelor degree of Engineering in Mechanical from University of South Australia somewhere end of December and early January next years. I even got an offer letter from the university to further my study in Master of Engineering Management. 

Technically, I should become an Engineer with my education background. But after all this years of working, I found that I don't really like to work as engineer despite I love engineering so much. 

After working three months as engineer intern in Flextronics and two years as Engineering Assistance in Disk Precision productions floor, I found that working as engineer are quite monotonous. 

You basically facing the same part, same product, same machine and same engineering problem over and over again. It might be interesting and challenging at first but after some times, once you familiar with it, you will start feeling boring. 

Perhaps this is why I go for technical sales job where it offer me more diversified and challenging environment as well as more interaction with people instead of machine. It is undeniable that working in Scigate enable me to expose to different kind engineering problem which required me to solve. But it doesn't last long, after a year or so, I feel that it is quite meaningless doing thing which focus on just number only. You need to clock certain number of call, mass email every months. 

And here am I, in the middle of night thinking which direction I should headed to next. 

Yes. I can't be jobless for so long without any income. With my education background and my working experience, I easily secured three sales job offer after rejected four interview invitation in less than two weeks. 

I will be working temporary as Sales and Marketing Executive in Hanman International, a Samsung System Integration and Distributor company starting mid of next months. This means that I got less than two weeks to think of which direction and place I should headed for.

Should I stayed in Malaysia and set up my own company? If yes, what kind of business I should go for? Or should I migrate to Australia and start all over again as professional engineer? But I not sure whether I can cope with this kind of monotonous engineer life alone. Or should I carried on and further my study with engineering master in Australia while looking for other opportunity? If yes, how should I finance my study?

Any Suggestion ?